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Amazon MAP by WANWO Amazon MAP by WANWO
===================The MAP of the Amazon Realms=====================
If you're living in Lancashire in some poor village, and you haven't computer or money for the game Web club, or just nothing to do - you can print this map and play the game!
All what you need just some bones and game chips! Rules are simple and Master of game easily can to develop it. ;)
There are the four Amazon Kingdoms on the some planet, in this fantasy world.
The group of brave women found this planet in the far future, and fill it with various monsters and fantasy creatures.
They build the luxurious castles, where they lived in the style of amazon warriors. Some replica of Medieval living, just without problems of Middle Age... ;)
They spent lifetime in the quests, adventures, wars and duels. When somebody begin boring they take a spaceship and travel to outside... :onfire:
Sorry for low quality of this map, but it wasn't my work ;)
One lady from that world was so kind and drew that map for me, when I asked her to tell me more about her amazing world.
When she left her planet, there were the four main castles in the various parts of the world.
The Castle Valhalla on the North, the Castle Lyonesse on the West, the castle of Horroth on the South and castle Sharpur on the East.
The castles belong to a different clans of female warriors, who often fight each other.
Cause war and tournaments are more popular sport there. In those castles amazons can heal almost any kind of damage or even revive some fallen warriors... so they don't afraid wounds or death, more say, they found the death on the glorious battlefield, more than acceptable end of their life...
The Castle Valhalla is the home of the northern amazons, who call themselves Valkyries.
Lyonesse is the castle of Amazon Knights.
Sharpur is the hold of Janizary Guards, it's clan of women who using the Eastern style of armor and weapon.
And at last - the castle of Horroth, fortress of Amazon Paladins.
The Paladins and Knights are two groups of clan Paladins who use the similar heavy armor. Valkyries and Janizary are from Pagan Nation. Their armor a little lighter.
The biggest and strongest was clan of Valkyries, there're also a lot of adventurers and lancers who traveling from castle to castle and hunting on the monsters. They have two categories - light and dark.
Seems, I forgot something else... There's the Mysterious castle too... Who's living there - unbeknown...
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Raafke Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, this map is great. The details and all, the map itself is already telling the story. I really like that!
WANWO Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
Thanks Raafke! There' whole world, so you even can use that map for the D&D game... :)
vamp-kitty-meow Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
Wow, this is so detailed :)
Desirequeen Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very cool =)
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